We Instill Responsibility


Children are spontaneous learners and have an innate curiosity to learn and absorb everything in their environment. Children have a fascination of the world and everything that surrounds them. So a prepared environment is created that fosters their curiosity and love for learning.

DMS strives to create a nurturing environment conducive to the development of each and every child in order to ensure that every child is safe and happy in our care.

The curriculum at DMS closely follows the guidelines of the Montessori philosophy. Our aim is to instill in children a love for learning by providing a prepared environment that allows a child to develop skills of concentration, coordination and independence. These life skills enable the child to derive the maximum out of every day experiences.


Dulles Montessori School incorporates the Montessori philosophy and teaching practices in our program structure.

The child-centered environment at DMS uses scientifically prepared age appropriate Montessori learning tools that use a wide variety of material to emphasize the development of all facets of a child’s unfolding personality - social, emotional, cognitive and physical.

The school program is soundly rooted in an educational philosophy that has proven to be highly successful. The Montessori teacher (directress) acts as a monitor and guide to encourage individual exploration, discovery, trial, practice and success.

The curriculum focuses on the interdependence of all living things. Freedom with responsibility is a basic component of the Montessori philosophy.

We honor the religious belief of all our families. We acknowledge and celebrate the rich and diverse heritage and tradition of different culture through classroom studies.